Welcome to Online Test Scheduling!

To use this system, you must be approved for testing accommodations by your DS counselor and request your Accommodation Letters using the DS Student Portal.

Use this module to:

  • Schedule a Test, Mid-term, or Quiz.
  • Schedule a Final Exam.
  • Keep track of upcoming tests and final exams that you scheduled in the DS Test Center by clicking the "My upcoming events" tab in the menu bar above.

SUMMER 2021 Test Center Information

*** Only tests or exams administered in person on campus may be scheduled in the DS Test Center. ***

  • All Online Tests, Mid-terms, Quizzes and Finals will be administered Online by faculty.
  • The Test Center will not administer any unproctored Online tests.
  • Social Distancing and Masks in the DS Test Center:
    • Students are required to wear masks in Disability Services, including all parts of the Test Center and any satellite locations.
    • Test Center capacity is reduced by 50% for social distancing.

Scheduling Deadlines:

  • Tests, Mid-terms or Quizzes:
    • Fall/Spring Semesters - Schedule a minimum of  7 DAYS before the test date.
    • Summer Semesters - Schedule a minimum of 3 DAYS before the test date.
    • Summer (First Half) 2021 Final Exam Deadline: June 25
    • Summer Full Term and Summer (Second Half) 2021 Final Exam Deadline: August 6
  • Note that Disability Services does not schedule exams on Reading Day.

Helpful Hints:

  • To schedule a test or quiz, click Schedule a test, mid-term or quiz in the menu bar above.
  • To schedule a Final Exam, click Schedule a final exam.

DS Test Center Hours of Operations:

Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Common Final Exam Seating Times (two time slots):

Slot 1: 8:00 AM – Ends: 12:30 PM
Slot 2: 1:00 PM – Ends: 5:30 PM

General Final Exams Seating Times (two time slots):

Slot 1: 8:00 AM – Ends: 11:45 AM
Slot 2: 1:00 PM – Ends: 4:45 PM