IMPORTANT: You must be registered with Disability Services *and* approved for the class notes accommodation by your DS counselor to use this system.

How Do I Request a Note Taker?

**Prior to requesting a Note Taker, request the "Supplemental Class Notes" accommodation for your courses in the Request Accommodation Letters system.**

  • Click on the "Courses/notes" tab in the main menu above.
  • You will see your course list for the current semester. If you do not, select the correct semester from the "Show term" drop-down menu on the top right of the screen.
  • For each course in which you require a Note Taker, change "No" to "Yes" in the I REQUIRE A NOTE TAKER column for that specific course.
  • To change "No" to "Yes," click on "change this."

How Do I Download my Class Notes?

  • Once a Note Taker is assigned, you will be able to download notes that have been submitted by your Note Taker. Click the "View Notes" button to download notes for that course.
  • You will be notified by email each time your Note Taker submits new notes.
  • Helpful Tip: Download and save your notes regularly. Waiting to download a large number of notes the night before a test/exam could overload the system when no one will be available to assist after hours.

What if my Note Taker Is Not Uploading Notes?

Can I Contact my Note Taker Directly?

  • No, your Note Taker is confidential. The Portal allows your Note Taker to share notes with you in a secure system.
  • If you are having any difficulty with the class notes you receive, contact the Note Taker Administrator immediately at notetaker@uncc.edu.

What if I Drop my Class?

  • Notify the Note Taker Administrator immediately at notetaker@uncc.edu. This helps us plan our resources effectively.

Does the Class Notes Accommodation Replace my Personal Note Taking Responsibilities?

    No. Class notes are a supplement, not a substitute, to the notes you already take in in class. You are still responsible for attending class and taking your own notes.

How Can I Improve My Own Note Taking Skills?

  • The UCAE (University Center for Academic Excellence) offers workshops and assistance to help students learn to be better note takers. Their services are free and available to all undergraduate students.
  • Visit the UCAE website to learn more.


    If you experience any issues regarding your notes, please contact the Note Taking Administrator at notetaker@uncc.edu.