Welcome Students!

This system is for students registered with Disability Services who are approved for the supplemental class notes accommodation by their DS counselor.

Online classes have two types of lecturing environments:

  • Instructor is lecturing in real-time via Zoom or other video conferencing platform: Note-takers should continue to take notes and upload them.
  • Instructor is uploading pre-recorded lectures: Note-takers are not required to upload notes because recordings are available.

Our office will continue to monitor all uploads and status of courses. Counselors will be available via email to address accommodation concerns you may have during this transitional period.

Please email notetaker@uncc.edu if you have questions or concerns about the note-taking process in the online format. Thank you.

Use this system to:

  • Request a Note Taker
  • Download class notes

**Prior to requesting a Note Taker, request the "Supplemental Class Notes" accommodation for your courses in the Request Accommodation Letters system.**

How to Request a Note Taker

  • Click Courses/notes in the menu bar above.
  • You will see your course list for the current semester. If you don't, select the correct semester from the "Show term" drop-down menu at the top right of the screen.
  • For each course in which you require a Note Taker, change "No" to "Yes" in the I REQUIRE A NOTE TAKER column by clicking on "change this."
  • Don't need a Note Taker for a class? No action is needed for that class as long as the default "No" is indicated.

Things to Consider before Requesting a Note Taker

  • If your instructor posts notes, a Note Taker may not be needed.
  • Many lab classes do not require a Note Taker. The work is often individual or group-based using a lab manual and does not include lecture.
  • Is it an asynchronous online course? Note Takers are not provided for 100% online classes that are asynchronous because the materials are available online.


    For questions or assistance, please contact the DS Note Taking Administrator at notetaker@uncc.edu.