Welcome Volunteer Note Takers!

This system is for students volunteering to be Note Takers or for those already serving as Note Takers.

If your course is Online, use the following guidelines to determine your next steps:

  • Instructor is lecturing in real-time via Zoom or other video conferencing platform: Continue to take notes and upload them.
  • Instructor is uploading pre-recorded lectures: Contact the Note Taking Administrator (notetaker@uncc.edu) immediately for further instruction.

Email notetaker@uncc.edu if you have questions or concerns about the note-taking process in an online format. As always, thank you for being a note-taker!


How can you volunteer to be a Note Taker?

Step 1 - Apply to be a Note Taker for Your Current Courses

  • Click the "Courses/notes" tab above. Log in using your NinerNET username and password.
  • Choose the course(s) where you want to volunteer to be a Note Taker.

Step 2 - Selection

    If selected to be Note Taker, you'll receive an email from the Note Taking Administrator (notetaker@uncc.edu) notifying you to begin uploading your notes.

Step 3 - Submit Notes after Class

  1. How quickly do I need to submit notes?
    • Submit your lecture notes to the DS Note Taker Portal within 24 hours of the class meeting.
  2. Scanning and Uploading Handwritten Notes
    • Handwitten notes should be scanned into a PDF format.
    • Use a personal scanner OR a campus scanner to scan notes. Campus scanners are free and available in the following location:
      • Fretwell 230-A
    • Campus scanners allow you to combine multiple scans into one PDF document. You don't need to submit each page of notes individually; instead, combine to one PDF document then submit.
    • Once notes are scanned, click the "Upload notes" button beside the course where you are a Note Taker and follow the instructions.
  3. Uploading Typed Notes
    • Typed notes will not need to be scanned.
    • Upload and submit typed notes as a Word Document, PDF, or PowerPoint file.
    • Click the "Upload notes" button beside the course where you are a Note Taker and follow the instructions.

Community Service

  • Note Takers who successfully submit notes for the semester may qualify to receive up to 45 hours* of community service.
  • In addition to making a difference at UNC Charlotte, Note Takers can use this experience to build their resumes.
*The amount of community service hours earned will be dependent upon your volunteer start date.


  • Click the "FAQ" tab above for answers to frequently asked questions.
  • More questions? Contact the Note Taking Administrator at notetaker@uncc.edu
Thank you for volunteering to be a Note Taker with the Office of Disability Services!