Welcome Volunteer Note Takers!

This system is for students volunteering to be Note Takers or for those already serving as Note Takers.

To apply to be a Note Taker or to submit class notes, click the "Courses/notes" tab above.

    You will be asked to login using your NinerNET user name and password.

Note-Taking Procedures

Step 1 - Apply to be a Note Taker for Your Current Courses

  • Click the "Courses/notes" tab above to login and get started.
  • Choose the courses where you want to volunteer to be a Note Taker.

Step 2 - Selection

    If you are selected to be Note Taker, you'll receive an email from the Note Taking Administrator (notetaker@uncc.edu) notifying you to begin uploading your notes.

Step 3 - Submit Notes after Class

  1. How quickly do I need to submit notes?
    • Submit your lecture notes to the DS Note Taker Portal within 24 hours of the class meeting.
  2. Scanning and Uploading Handwritten Notes
    • Handwitten notes should be scanned into a PDF format.
    • Use a personal scanner OR a campus scanner to scan notes. Campus scanners are free and available in the following locations:
      • Fretwell 230-A
      • Duke 115
      • UNC Charlotte Downtown Location - Center City Building, 11th floor, room 1101
    • Campus scanners allow you to combine multiple scans into one PDF document. You don't need to submit each page of notes individually; instead, combine to one PDF document then submit.
    • Once notes are scanned, click the "Upload notes" button beside the course where you are a Note Taker and follow the instructions.
  3. Uploading Typed Notes
    • Typed notes will not need to be scanned.
    • Upload and submit typed notes as a Word Document, PDF, or PowerPoint file.
    • Click the "Upload notes" button beside the course where you are a Note Taker and follow the instructions.

Community Service

  • Note Takers who successfully submit notes for the semester may qualify to receive up to 45 hours* of community service.
  • In addition to making a difference at UNC Charlotte, Note Takers can use this experience to build their resumes.
*The amount of community service hours earned will be dependent upon your volunteer start date.


  • Click the "FAQ" tab above for answers to frequently asked questions.
  • More questions? Contact the Note Taking Administrator at notetaker@uncc.edu
Thank you for volunteering to be a Note Taker with the Office of Disability Services!