Instructor Information

Welcome to the DS Faculty Portal!

The DS Portal is an online accommodation management system that provides instructors online access to students' Accommodation Letters and requests to test in DS. Students submit their Accommodation Letters and test requests electronically, and instructors are notified via email through the DS Portal. Notification emails include "DS Portal" within the subject line.

Use the DS Faculty Portal to:

  • Review and acknowledge your students' Accommodation Letters
  • Keep track of the students who have accommodations in each of your courses
  • Review and confirm student test requests for the DS Test Center
  • Provide test proctoring details and upload test materials

Tips for using the DS Faculty Portal

Click the "Courses" tab or the "Accommodation letters" tab in the menu bar above to get started. Log in using your NinerNet username and password.

  • Click "Courses" to review students' Accommodation Letters, review and confirm test requests, provide proctoring details, and upload test materials.
  • Click "Accommodation letters" to sort requests by course or student and to view and acknowledge students' Accommodation Letters.


I recieved a DS Portal email that an Accommodation Letter was ready. Why don't I see my student listed?

  • Be sure you are in the correct semester. Select the correct semester from the "Show term" drop-down menu at the top right of the screen.
  • Still don't see your student? Contact Disability Services for assistance -

With an online system, how do I know the student is allowed to use accommodations?

  • Only students registered with Disability Service have access to the DS Portal.
  • The Portal allows students to request only those accommodations that have been pre-approved by Disability Services staff.
  • An Accommodation Letter sent to you through the Portal outlines the pre-approved accommodations for that student.
  • If the student's accommodations change during the semester, the student will be prompted to send you an updated letter through the Portal.
  • Students can only schedule a test or final exam in the Portal *after* they have sent you their Accommodation Letter(s).

The Portal allows me to review and confirm receipt of my student's letter. Do I do both steps?

  • Yes. All instructors should review and confirm receipt of their students' accommodation letters.
  • When you confirm receipt of the letter, the student recieves an email notice reminding them to meet with you to discuss accommodations. For online classes, students are reminded to follow up with you by email.
  • Important: Faculty are still responsible for ensuring that the student has the accommodations outlined in the letter, even if you don't acknowledge the letter.

Please take time to review the letter so that you are informed about the student's accommodations. Contact the student's DS counselor, listed on the letter, with any questions.

Do I schedule my students' tests in the Portal?

  • Students are responsible for scheduling their tests in the Portalfaculty receive email notification each time a student with accommodations schedules a test.
  • The email notification will include a link to the student's test or final exam request for you to review and enter the test details.
  • You can also upload your test to the Portal, which is a secure environment. Your student will not have access your tests in the Portal.

How do I handle Pop-Quizzes in the Portal?

  • Pop Quizzes require planning to help ensure that the quiz is "pop" or unannounced for the student and that DS has time to prepare.
  • Contact the DS testing staff in advance to schedule Pop Quizzes in the Portal - 704-687-0040 or

Why can't I upload my test the Portal?

  • Your courses page shows which courses have tests/exams waiting for you to approve, as indicated by a yellow star.
  • Click the yellow star. If the message to the right of your test indicates "Passed cutoff-please call or email," you have missed the 4-hour cut off to upload to the Portal.

How do I add extended test time in Canvas?

Test Center Email: